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1.29.11 Class

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Dynamic warmup followed by push-up core cycles, each with 3 sets of 5-to-1 descending push-ups alternated with a core exercise. Then a leg loop with prisoner squats, prisoner lunges, squat jumps / lunge jumps. More push-ups / core work (total of 135 push-ups today). Cardio speed agility quickness loop in an x-pattern using both courts.

1.26.11 Class

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Started with cardio to warm-up, and then we moved into strength and core work. Stations with TRX rows, side planks, Fast hands from push-up position, and Heisman w/ med ball. Another cardio loop, more strength and core work. Finished strong with alternating lunges + squats, and a descending set (from 8 to 1) of push-ups.

1.22.11 Class

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Probably the coldest (20º and windy) workout in almost 2 years – and STILL nine people came out!  Started with a dynamic warm-up, push-ups, core, leg cycles.  A couple of runs in between.  A nice cardio segment : hurdle/ladder/snake drill + jump rope + partner mirror drills.  TRX biceps curls, shoulder work, and side walking with ankle tubes…

1.19.11 Class

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Almost 40º this morning.  Started working on legs, and then we did 4 progressively full-court suicide drills.  Push-up / core cycles X 2 (incl sets of 12 push-ups).  Full-court sprint intervals + recovery on 0:40 for 6, then last 6 on 0:35.  Stations incl. TRX single-leg squats, superman, speed ladder.  Finished with leg throw downs and flutter kicks.

1.15.11 Class

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Cool morning + light breeze.  Rock circle run followed by push-up pyramid (first of four).  Core work including front and side planks, reverse crunches, and alternating arm reach crunches.  Cardio circuit included partner quick reaction drill between cones, hurdle/speed ladder/hurdle drills, mountain climbers.  Legwork followed.  Total of ten 5-5-5 squat series, some alternating lunges.  Stations included TRX rows, stability on VersaDisc, biceps curls, prone wave-offs, and seated balance core drills on BOSU.

1.12.11 Class

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Still lots of ice on the basketball courts so we moved to a pavilion.  Five total push-up pyramids 1-5-1.  Three leg cycles of squats and alternating lunges.  Cardio consisted of jump rope, BOSU hops, med ball taps.  Seated shoulder presses and single-leg squats.  Planks, side planks, bicycle crunches.

1.8.11 Class

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

The snow never materialized last night so we had a nice dry surface – started with squats of all ‘flavors’ and push-ups.  Hill sprints + more push-ups.  Lunges of all varieties and push-ups.  Cardio stations.  Finished with prone wave-offs and 1:00 dead bugs.  Time flew by this morning…

1.5.11 Class

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

1.5.11 Class – First class of 2011! Broke out our new TRX system – and we added back rows with the TRX to the stations portion of the workout. Started things off with 1:00 cardio blocks in succession – alternating with sets of 10 push-ups during the cardio ‘breaks’. Some good leg and core work. A challenging cycle of 0:20 knee to elbow exercises from the push-up position alternated with 8 squat jumps (X6 cycles).