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2.26.11 Class

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Warm-up run around the rock formation.  A few cycles of leg strength, then into push-ups and core work.  Stations with TRX rows, leg throw-downs, side planks, bball lay-ups, BOSU knee-to-elbow, and more.  More sets of push-ups + core, and some cardio: mini-suicides width of the court, jump rope, med ball taps.  Finished w alternating sets of 8 push-ups and 4-count leg raises from the plank position.

2.23.11 Class

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Chilly and a bit overcast.   Dynamic warmup followed by a short warm-up run to the sand pile and back.  Push-ups / core / leg strength + cardio cycles.  Stations of TRX biceps curls, prone wave-offs, BOSU split squats, leg throw downs, externally rotated shoulder presses w/ tubes, alt lunges w/ med ball chops.  Finished with sets of 8 push-ups alternated w/ eight 4-count bicycle crunches X 5 sets.

2.19.11 Class

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

BEAUTIFUL morning – perfect weax conditions.  Push-ups & core work (supine hip rotations, reverse crunches, front planks, long-lever crunches).  Stations with TRX hamstring curls, side planks, med ball taps, etc.  More push-ups and core work.  Legs: lunges, squats, lunge jumps w/ 4-count pause at the bottom…) Finished with push-ups alternated with flutter kicks – nice work on the hip flexors…

2.16.11 Class

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Awesome weather – cool, sunny.  Core / push-up / leg / cardio cycles.  If the class gets any better at jumping rope, we’ll have to create a competitive team or something…  Stations included TRX rows, lunges onto the versa disc, side-walking with tubes, flutter kicks, seated BOSU crunches. Lunge jumps + squat jumps.  Finished w/ alternating sets of push-ups and 4-count prone wave-offs.

2.12.11 Class

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Beautiful morning – 30º, no wind.  Good dynamic warmup and then we knocked out push-ups / core work.  Next stop – stations, including biceps curls with tubes, jump rope, side planks and more.  Cardio loop with speed ladder + hurdles + high knees + butt kicks.  Last set alternating push-ups and ten 4-count dead bugs.

2.9.11 Class

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Clear blue skies and cold.  Rock run to start, then push-ups / core.  Stations with TRX single-leg squats, shoulder press and side planks.  Alt lunges / squats. More stations, more push-ups / core, more legs.  Finished with 8 very challenging sets of alternating push-ups and ten 4-count flutter kicks.  Good hip flexor and hip stretching to cool down.

2.5.11 Class

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Steady, cold rain.  Indian runs around the fields and everyone looked strong.  We did strength work under partial cover of a shelter: 165 total push-ups, core work including three 1:00 planks.  Leg work as well, and then a few stations.  One of those workouts where you push through a little bit of discomfort, and then feel like you have accomplished something special when it is over…

2.2.11 Class

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Freakishly warm for the 2nd of Feb – 63 degrees.  Cardio-heavy today with multiple rounds of ‘broken’ speed-ladder drills, hurdles, med ball taps, jump rope, and suicides.  Still managed to get in 106 push-ups and lots of core work around the cardio.  2 sets of alternating squat jumps + calf raises.  Stations with TRX rows, BOSU knee-to-elbow, plank, flutter kicks, med ball chop lunges.